Join the Team

Here at The Pilot Radio we are much more than a team. We are a family dedicated to ensuring our station exceeds the expectations of professionalism and content delivery that would be associated with an online radio station. All of our staff volunteer their time to help us achieve our goal of becoming one of the most well known and respected online aviation radio stations to date. We are constantly looking to add new members to our team in different departments so if you are looking for an exciting challenge and the opportunity to join our family and express your creative talent, please see our open positions below and apply for what you feel you can best contribute to!

*All of our staff are volunteers at this time. Any position is assumed to be a volunteer position unless specifically advised otherwise.

Open Positions

Publishing House


Our editors are responsible for hunting down interesting and exciting aviation news and topics and other items assigned to them! They will then compose an article and submit it to the studio to be broadcast on the air. Our editors can work from anywhere in the world that has an internet connection. 

TV Director on set


Producers play an essential role in the broadcast of our talk show "Pilot Talk". Producers review articles sent in by the editors and add them in the show schedule where appropriate. Producers also coordinate phone interviews and guest callers. Our producers must be able to actively monitor their email as well as posses strong communication skills with our editors and guest speakers. They may work from anywhere in the United States where there is a strong internet connection and strong phone reception.

Recording Studio


Want to demonstrate your radio voice? Hear yourself live on the air as you help report certain segments on our talk show 'Pilot Talk'! Reporters must have a clear speaking voice and have access to a headset or some form of professional audio recording device. They can work from anywhere in the world that has a strong internet connection and a quiet workspace!